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Thursday, 27th January 2022.

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Bears made from fabrics provided  
I am often asked to make a bear from various types of fabric provided by  
you. So long as the amount of fabric is a minimum of an eighth of meter I  
can make a bear from it. This means you can have a bear to match a room,  
to remember someone or for a child to continue to grow up with a  
favourite blanket.  
I have provided several examples. Two made from a mix of baby clothes,  
two made from single romper suits, one from an Iggle Piggle Cot Blanket  
using as much of the original features as I could and one from a jacket.  
They can be jointed if you wish or have embroidery put on them.  
The price on these bears vary as it depends what type of bear is created but  
on average it is between 25 and 30 Pounds for a 15in or 17in bear.